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Jean-Luc Patard -wine expert and guide

Jean-Luc Patard -wine expert and guide

Jean-Luc Patard, originally from the Loire Valley, founded Le Petit Ecole de Vin in 1992 in Limoux.  Over the years he has built up invaluable knowledge and contacts in the area and commands respect from the winegrowers who work with him, for his knowledge of their work and his appreciation of their products.  A part-time professional musician, he is keen to treat our clients to Occitan singing in chapels and after dinner guitar playing.

“Everybody who went has been enthusing about everything you did and the wonderful time they had in your company.Stories were told of your off road abilities with a coach, Alison. All were impressed with your musical talent,Jean-Luc, as well as your great knowledge of the vineyards and most importantly the people who run them.” (Richard H. UK)


Alison at the wheel of her bus

Alison Judge has been in the Aude for 15 years in the tourism sector and can be seen driving all over the region in vehicles ranging from 8 seater minibuses to luxury coaches. In fact the narrower the road the more she enjoys the experience!  Her motivation is to show visitors not only varied dramatic landscapes but to meet the real actors in the area, whose hard work and passion mean that we are all able to share the in the top quality products this region has to offer.

They have been working together as a team since 2009, each with their in-depth knowledge complementing the other’s specialist area.  Many of Alison’s clients asked about the vineyards they saw while visiting the region and she realised there was a great potential to offer wine tours, but with a difference.  The idea was to introduce visitors to the smaller independent producers, those who were really interested in a sustainable model for the industry and who had a vision of the future, in which the wine of this region is a leader in quality, while keeping it’s distinctive character. Jean-Luc was perfectly placed to become the wine tour designer and the adventure began!  By focusing on quality, with small groups, we are proud to give our clients a privileged, close-up experience of the fascinating world of wine, as well as a chance to taste wonderful locally-produced food  and learn about the area’s rich history and culture.


“We are now back in the UK after a ‘flying’ visit to Carcassonne.
Many thanks for arranging the tour on Sept 16th and our special thanks to Jean-Luc for being such a great driver and Tour Manager!! “(Paddy C, Ireland)